This Is The Most Dangerous Thing You Could Ever Do

woman hitch-hiking, the most dangerous thing you could ever do


If I were to ask you what the most dangerous thing you could ever do is, what would you say?


Maybe bungee jumping or skydiving would be your most dangerous thing.

Perhaps for you, it’s driving much faster than the speed limit or walking home alone at night in the dark.

Or the most dangerous thing you could ever do might involve travelling solo through a country that is going through a period of unrest or stepping onto the plane that’s going to take you there!

What if the answer isn’t any of those things though?

What if the answer is to go through life not sharing your gifts with the world?

To get to the end of your life having not brought forward that which was sewn into the very fabric of your being?

I don’t know about you but the thought of not making something of those gifts SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME!


You Have Something Important To Share


You were not put on this earth by accident.

In a world of infinite possibilities, your very existence is nothing short of a miracle.

In a world of 7.7 billion people, there is not another human being like you.

Nobody else has your voice, nobody else looks exactly like you.

Others may share your dreams but there is not a single person out there who can offer them up to the world like you can or make them come true in the same way that you can.

How crazy is that?!

In a world where so much has already been discovered and so much has already been done, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking you have nothing unique or special to offer.

You could not be more wrong.

Yes, that dream you have, that thing you want to put out into the world, most likely has been done before but it’s not been done by YOU.

There are far more people out there in need of what you have to offer than there are people offering it. The most dangerous thing you could do is not offer up the gift you were given.

You’re a smart person so logically you probably already know all of this right? I bet most of us do.

So if we know all of this, what is that holds us back from doing what we want and need to do?

You will have a ton of individual hurdles I know, but maybe for all of us, it starts with a little thing called resistance.


The Resistance


In his book ‘The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles” author Steven Pressfield talks about the force of nature that is resistance.

Resistance is that voice in your head that tells you that everything you want to do has been done before and done a million times better than what you could ever do it.

Resistance is what keeps us stuck. Paralyzed by fear and self-doubt we remain unable to move forward.

Resistance is what tells us to put our feet up and watch Netflix because we can always start our dream tomorrow.

Resistance is what stops us working on that humanitarian project in a developing country because we might be the victim of some awful crime while we’re there.

Resistance is what stops us from doing today something that could be of great service to others.

Resistance is the killer of dreams.

Resistance says:

  • You can’t do this
  • You’re not smart enough
  • It’s already been done
  • Nobody wants to hear what you have to say

The issue, says Pressfield, is that we take a force that is universal and impersonal and turn it into something that is individual and personal.

That is, we think the voice in our heads is actually us when in actual fact, it is resistance.

The voice in our heads is not us. The thoughts we’re thinking are not ours. They are the voice and the thoughts of resistance.

The most dangerous thing we can do is listen to that voice.

Resistance doesn’t care about your dreams, it simply wants to keep you fixed in place, to keep you safe.


When We Squander Our Gifts We Suffer


We were all given gifts and talents that are unique to us.

When we live as the person we were put here to be, when we take those gifts and we share them with the world it infuses our life with a sense of meaning and purpose.

We feel that we are both living in alignment with who we are and that we are serving the world in a way that brings us fulfillment. WE FEEL ALIVE!

On the flip side, when we squander our gifts, when we let the voice of our resistance win, we suffer.

As Brene Brown writes in her book “The Gifts of Imperfection”, it is not a case of it being simply too bad if we don’t use the gifts we’ve been given but rather the gateway to spiritual distress and emotional and physical ill-health.

Without a sense that we are doing meaningful work, the work that we were put here to do, we end up weighed down by feelings of restlessness, emptiness, disconnection, frustration, grief, and fear.

I don’t know about you but I’ve taken many a trip to that place and I really, REALLY, don’t like it there!


Why Fear Is A Good Sign


It can be helpful to think of resistance as just another form of fear.

Feeling resistance, being paralyzed by fear, is a good thing. No, you didn’t misread that, fear is a good thing!

Fear is what tells you that you’re on to something. The more fear you have towards your dream, the surer you can be that you need to do it. The more fear you feel, the more important that dream is to your soul’s evolution.

It is not the fear but what you do with it that will determine whether or not you’re able to move in the direction of your dreams.

And believe me, the world needs you to move in the direction of your dreams, now more than ever!

Too often we interpret fear as a red light and so we stop.

We tell ourselves that when we’re ready, that when the time is right, our fear will disappear, the light will turn green, and we’ll start. That’s the most dangerous thing you could think.

Because the reality is that the REALLY good things only come when we start before we’re ready and that means we must become masters at seeing the level of fear we are feeling as a good sign rather than a bad one.

You cannot overcome the resistance that you feel but you can learn to work with it.


Overcoming Resistance


Next time you feel resistance to going after your dreams remember the following:

1) Start before you’re ready

2) Start today not tomorrow

3) The more important something is to your soul’s evolution the more resistance (fear) you will feel towards it.

4) You cannot overcome fear but you can work with it

5) The pain of not doing what you were put here to do is far greater than the pain of doing it

The most dangerous thing you could ever do is to go through life letting resistance stop you from living your dreams and sharing your gifts with the world.

If you do that you’re effectively stealing from the world. I know, I bet you’d never thought of it that way before, right?

You’re stealing from the 7.7 billion people on this planet the opportunity to see, hear, or read what it is you have to offer.

You’re making the decision for them that your gifts are not worth their time. You couldn’t be more wrong about that by the way!

Do not cheat the world of your contribution. Do not dim your light and not share your gifts. Give the world what you have to offer and give it to them TODAY.



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