I wish we could do this in person. Just the two of us sat side by side on the sofa like old friends drinking tea and sharing the stories of our lives.

With any luck that will happen someday but for now, we’re going to have to make do with getting to know one another millennial style through the screen!

You and I are on a journey and I’m so glad that our paths have crossed so we can walk part of those journey’s together.

I know there’s a lot you’re trying to make sense of right now. That you’ve overcome many struggles and challenges in your life and that there are still hurdles that lay in front of you waiting to be jumped.

I know that sometimes you struggle to believe in yourself and you have days when you’re not sure whether you’re going to be okay.

I know that there are times when you feel like you’re failing and times when you feel like you could take on the world.

I know that you’ve cried and laughed, felt calm and chaotic, peaceful and panicked.

I know that some days all you need is a little bit of love, kindness, encouragement, and support.

I hope that my words can comfort you on the days when you need a soft place to rest and challenge you on the days when you need that little bit of extra motivation to make you reach for the stars.

Most of all I hope my words will make you think – about your life, your relationships, your dreams and everything in between.

You and I are in this together. I’m learning and growing and struggling and smiling right there alongside you. Know that you are never alone.

Before I go, I want to invite you to come and hang out with me over on my Instagram page and to sign up for my email community. 

And, a massive thank you for being here when there are a ton of other sites you could be on. It means the world to me that you’ve chosen to spend your time with me.